1. I am a mother of four , belong to Pakistan, living in Riyadh
    I totally agree with you . This was always my question in every PT meeting that why so much ??? For such small children .
    I never put any stress on my children and tried to give them enough time to play and get relaxedand All four of them gave me good results Alhamdulillah .
    Unfortunately we are forced to put our beloved ones in this race of insane .

  2. Dear All, aoa,

    This is very sensitive issue, all stakeholders, govt, Edu deptt, Edu Institutions, parents and students; have to strive for change. In last 70 years we have reached to this point where school/college administrations charge students to facilitate them in exam halls. They will go to any extent to show their top performance.

    Syllabii need to be reviewed, and all that is not needed, be truncated and material related to our history, cause, ethics, culture, science and languages need to be included.

    Govt should commit for higher share for education in budget, empower Text Book Boards, avoid ‘foreign aid’ to sustain our edu deptt, because ‘who pays the bill takes the control’. One of the worst things, our previous govts did was allocation of quotas, to MPs in recruitment of School Teachers, patwaries, and police. Teachers recruited thru this route, were incapable but vocal and had support from their masters, so have derailed the whole system.
    No doubt it is a challenging task, needs thorough discussion and sincere contribution from all stakeholders. IRAK.Pk should initiate the process.


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