Egypt political crisis

Egypt political crisis

epa02562739 Tanks block off parts of Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, 03 February 2011. Protesters call others to help in building barricades as supporters and opponents of President Hosny Mubarak clash in parts of the Tahrir square, Cairo, Egypt, 03 February 2011. Egypt?s military appeared to be trying to set up a line to separate the pro-government and opposition protesters in central Cairo in a bid to curb violence, eyewitnesses said. The army was seen pushing back against some pro-government protesters near Tahrir Square in central Cairo, while more opposition activists streamed to the area. According to opposition activists and witnesses, more people from the anti-government camp were attempting to enter the square, while others were still engaged in clashes with supporters of President Hosny Mubarak. EPA/HANNIBAL HANSCHKE

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