1. Well…we have many targets but children saving is very important to us.. Childhood , innocent, smile, and … Every child is precious…

  2. بہت اچھے الفاظ میں زارہ کی تکلیف بیان کی ہے آپ نے۔ اس تحریر سے بہت سے ایسے بچے ضرور توجہ پائیں گے جو اب تک والدین کے لیے مسئلہ بنے ہوئے ہیں ۔ان شا اللہ۔

  3. A very good insight of the problem which is faced by such parents… It is important to keep a close eye on ur kids behavioral change.. It speaks volumes… I suggest such articles may b shown to parents around us.. And may b published again n again as a reminder to us all..

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